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"Some pretty weird and goofy shit here. If you're going to read these, I'd advise you to wear a condom... it couldn't hurt, anyway."

 --Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop


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Bunji's Fingers


Bunji's fingers

Needles knittin'

Sittin' in the kitchen

Stitchin' up an oven mitten

As befittin' any

Idle Eskimo


Bunji's thinkin' 'bout a drink'n

Winkin' at the kitchen sink'n

Somehow thinkin'

That it's winkin' back

Or maybe not

Or maybe so

Bunji's wonderin'

About the summer

When's it comin'?

What a bummer

To be sittin' here

Is summer ever gettin' here?

Bunji's lonely

Penance is the winter

What a sentence

For a sinner

Ol' squid tentacle

For every single stinkin' dinnner


Bunji's fingers

Tinkering with

Little strings and sinkers

Dreams of little shrinking creatures

Dreams of sunshine on his fingers

And his toes


Bunji's mind is

Wandering to women

Now he's

Picturing them swimmin'

And he might as well

His igloo's uglier than hell

Bunji's mind is

Masticating minutes

There are teeth and things

Within it

Poor ol' Eskimo

He's all dressed up

No place to go


Bunji's fingers

Knitting needles

Wriggling like

Busy beetles

Beating beetle wings

Just Bunji's fingers holding back

The bitter cold

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