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Scary News Special Edition Expose!!!


White House Secret Cloning Program Revealed, Then Utterly Ignored!

Evil Spawn of Insane Science Escapes Into Dream-World! Demon-Science Virus-Worm Propogates Itself Rapidly In Its Own Improbable Bizarro Virtual Non-Space, Then Begins Punching Large Holes Into The Fabric of Reality Itself, Infecting Half the US Population With Hideous Nightmares!...While Other Half Dream Happy Dreams of Rainbow Unicorn Ponies, Cornucopias Overflowing, Cheap Gas Just Around The Corner!

BREAKING STORY! - The first of MANY, hopefully!-- IF they don't KILL ME FIRST, of course! And guess what??? I'm DARING them right now! I DARE YOU TO KILL ME!!! HAHAHAA! FUCKERS!!!

By D X Stone - May 20, 2005

Back in the late summer of 02', a number of internet researchers and bloggers, myself included, simultaneously unearthed a stunning secret program issuing directly out of the White House. Operation Conqueror Worm, as it was known by those involved, was begun inside the Pentagon in the late 90's; its stated aim was to create an "Ultimate Weapon of Mass Duplicity", according to one unnamed source with an extremely shadowy face.

This story first came to light in 1998, when it was reported by a new (but now-defunct) small-press news magazine out of the DC suburbs called simply LIVE, that during a heated Senate debate on Bill Clinton's impeachement proceedings, then-US Vice-Principal and Senate Blockhead Pro Tempa Forma Dick Cheney publicly revealed the creature from under his coat . "BEHOLD!" he cried in a loud voice, holding it aloft and filling the chamber with awed and terrified silence. "The Alpha of the Omega--The Beginning of the End! The All-Devouring Ouroboros!" He waved it about in a most threatening way. "Who can now stand before the MIGHT of the REPUBLICAN ARMY?"

And some say that on that day the last Democrat was put finally to heel; since then the domination of both House and Senate have been near-absolute... for they had seen something no man or woman should ever see, and their horror and despair was complete.

"A pox on both your houses!" Cheney had declared, and it was so... but that's only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

This massive secret project appears to bear the fingerprints not only of the First Monkey himself but also key members of his Cabinet, as well as most everyone who works at the Pentagon, ALL Republicans in both houses of Congress, and Zell Miller.

On top of that, there seems to be direct tie-ins with various conservative "think tanks" and PACs, not to mention a plethora of phony news organizations, faux charities, fake advocacy groups, bogus "mystery religions", "Jerry Bruckheimer films" and other tools and tentacles of Roveian mass mind control which most people now commonly and erroneously think of as their actual "culture."

The "news" organizations referred to above include both the "real" phony news that many people watch on tv, as well as the phony "phony news" one finds on the conservative internet, the high-octane talking-pinheads of AM radio and the ever- popular political pamphlets masked as gossip and entertainment found in grocery checkout lanes across America.

And now suddenly there has emerged new ACTUAL DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE, in the form of ACTUAL DOCUMENTS, plus PHOTOS, clandestine audio tape of a HIGHLY SENSITIVE NATURE, at least TWO EYEWITNESSES, a number of SECRET WH UPSKIRT VIDEOS that are revealing in ways I can only hint at for now... all which form a cohesive web of undeniable TRUTH!... and these stark REVELATIONS OF TRUTH!!!. will soon be BLOWING THE LID OFF the REAL STORY, THE MOST FRIGHTENING MENACE TO EVER PLAGUE THE RACE OF MANKIND, THE ONE WE NEVER SUSPECTED!!!, while also revealing the FINAL SIMPLE and EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND ANSWERS and FUN EXERCISES on how to REVERSE the suidical course we seem stuck on as a race and bring HEALING and LIGHT to the world again!!!

But there's really just too much to simply dump on you all at once; this lil' nugget should suffice to whet the appetites of those who thirst for truth and justice in these dark days... all things in good time; I sure hope they don't get around to killing me for awhile yet...

I will tell ya this, though: This is THE BIG STORY, folks: spooky-large, spooky-scary, VERY SECRET, VERY ALIEN AND WEIRD AND MYSTERIOUS AND NASTY AND DEEPLY DISTURBING... and oy, the details! It's going to require amazing amounts of time and energy to get to the bottom of all this, and to put it out there for your edification and enlightenment, but dig we will, together... and when it's over, I'm reasonably sure that this will prove to be THE ONE GREAT BIG STORY to finally blow Bush and his fiendish minions back to the dark recesses of hell from whence they came, and to destroy forever Rove's dark tower at Barad-dur...


(These links will be active AS SOON as I can get the info up; even so, events continue to pile on unabated, and new info is gleaned in every hour, so check back soon!)

The Holocaust Worm... Will Mankind Survive? In a Word, NO (And believe me, when I explain this stuff to you, you won't WANT to survive!)

Why Only ONE Spare President? Why Not Two Or Three? (And guess what? There's your third-term loophole!)

Pioneers in Cloning: Was Hitler More Successful Than We Know? (Where did all these damn neocons come from, anyway?)

The Power of The Dream-Clone: Rove's Brain Eats Other People's Brains For Lunch... Literally (This One's Just Too Much; I Wouldn't Recommend Reading It)

George W. Bush: The Chosen Clone (Who Thinks There Can Be Only One, And Who Therefore Keeps On Beheading All His Own Clones With A Sword When The Secret Service Isn't Looking)

Good Clones, Bad Clones (Where Once It Was Just Endless Republican-On-Democrat Date Rape, Cloning Changes All The Rules On Mount Olympus... Soon The True Battle Of The Power-Clones Will Be Joined!)

Cloning The Future: Now YOU Can Finally Go Fuck Yourself! (And I Suggest You Do, All Of You!) (I Hear It's Great Fun!)

Everybody Must Get Cloned! (Karl Rove Drew Up DETAILED PLANS for this when he was still in HIGH SCHOOL!!!)

Everyone, Huh?... Hmmm... Does It Hurt? (Actually, It Kinda Tickles...)

What's That You Say? It Just Tickles? Oh! Well Then, Clone Away! (America's Always Up For The New Experience...)

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