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"Some pretty weird and goofy shit here. If you're going to read these, I'd advise you to wear a condom... it couldn't hurt, anyway."

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God is Big
Bad Bunnies (and other assorted shorties)
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Divining Rod
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Carloan Blues
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For The Thinking Weirdo

Jesus Hangin' at the Mission
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Dark Matter

Hell I & II
Everybody's Waiting
Marla's Alarms
Shootin' Your Mouth Off - Ode to Ariel Sharon
Post-Nuclear Primer
Another Pound of Flesh





















Hell--what a concept...

A place beyond both time and space

Where demons rearrange your face

And tear out your entrails, and rip

Off both your ears, and lower lip...

And every time that they get through

They put you back as good as new

Your every pain's assuaged, and then

They tear right into you again

They slowly rend you limb from limb

And all the while you pray to Him

You sing his praise, confess your sins

You scream and scream and scream again...

And though you scream ten thousand years

It seems your screams fall on deaf ears


But God hears every little sob

As devils go about their job

Of tireless torment of the souls

Of those who missed God's honor rolls

Yes, God is watching! God is there!

He hears their cries of bleak despair

Cuz God is Always Everywhere


Yes, God hears every one of those

And turns up his All-Knowing Nose

To every cry, to every plea

From weak-willed Goddamned scum like me

From unbelievers, those who doubt

And try their best to figure out

How anyone could truly praise

A God who punishes the rats

Who cannot run His maze


Perhaps we are a sad pathetic lot

This human race...

Heaven must be a very lonely place

In any case



Hell II


Hell could be a Disneyland

Where all the rides are great...

But then you get in line and stand

And wait and wait and wait

And after 'bout a hundred years

You're finally next in line

But something in the wheels and gears

Begins to grind and grind

They have to shut her down, they say

To fix a rusty lever

You ask how long the work will take:

"Oh..." says the guy, "...forever."

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