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Jesus Hanging at the Mission


Jesus hanging at the Mission

Til his mission is complete

And then he's goin' fishin'

But for now there's folks who gotta eat...

He's serving soup to nuts today

They gotta fill their guts

So they all get in line

And sometimes Jesus wishes

That his gifts sublime would simply go away

Then all these wind-blown drifters

Could just blow or drift away

For even just one day

You go your way , I'll go mine...

He's changin' watery coffee into wine

For all those winos hangin' on his vine

They cling unto his cross--it's swingin' crazy

With every swing another holy soul

Receives a holy daisy

And Christ is tossin' cookes to the throng

Of poor old mortal souls who don't belong

He wishes he was gone--

Eat of my flesh

But please don't take so goddamn long--

And everything he's ever said

Has all been censored, sacked, redacted

Left for dead

Then reenacted

Endlessly and badly, so it seems

And Christ is cursed to die a million times

In other peoples' dreams

It doesn't really matter if they wish for bread or fishes

God know's that soup's good food

But they never do the goddamned dishes

Don't say thanks, they're rank and awful rude

This is my blood--I bled for you

So go ahead and have a bloody party

Open up another artery

Gulp it down ya greedy clowns

I'm here to feed the needy

But if I could get off this freakin' piece of wood

I'd be outta town within the hour

And I'd be gone for good

I'd avoid the meek

I wouldn't speak to anyone for weeks and weeks

I need a shower and a shave

I need someone to save me too, y'know?

I really do...

From all of you

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