Hey! Where the hell am I now?

Actually, I have NO IDEA how to set up a blog comment thingamabob at the moment... I'm working on it, but I've just mounted this site and these things take time... too, I'm an artist of the old school; sometimes I still try to draw directly onto the computer monitor screen with a crayon, and someone has to slap my hand away with a ruler!

I could use some help on a lot of this stuff, no question...

For now, if you have any comments to share please feel free to write to the email address, posted at the bottom of every page, directly.

Hate mail is of course encouraged and appreciated as well. And if I find anything truly objectionable or disgusting or interesting or terribly written or otherwise entertaining, I may just post it on a letters page to be added soon!

The Scary News will be updated weekly (probably) and new photofeatures will continue to be added on an irregular and erratic, some might even say lunatic, schedule.

Contact me at dxs@presidentevilonline.com