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Five words: Oil wells on the Moon.
Three more words: Earth-Moon pipeline.


 The Surreal News

Updated Noon Never Wednesday Up Some



For Immediate Release

(AP) In what angry authorities in publishing and media are hoping proves to be just some sort of really strange, oddly-twisted joke, a mysterious group going by the name Associated Propogandists has been circulating phony news releases via internet under the trademark (AP), long held by the Associated Press. These releases are rather short and seems to say exactly what you're reading here. If you should read one of these releases, don't. Avert your eyes. Just don't believe it.



Forum Mediates Real Peace

(UP, Damn you! UP!) In what angry ol' forty-somethings in publishing on media in hoping are proves ex + why? Uh, my serious group going bye-bye the name Associociociociocio (hasbeens perculating in phony news cirrcuits via inner neck) under the tired mark of the the Associate Priest. These repeated snorts and screams touche exactly what the last guy was beating her. If you should not, don't. Squirt your eyes. I Just don't. Again.



Foreign Media Beat Feet

(ULP! ULP!) What any thorny trees impube leashing and maybe I are hoping provably just some sort of reality stage, boddly-twisted juke joint missed a rebus group going by the name Ass, OC! I Ate It! Proper glandists have been jerkulated. Phone me news releases (every Howard on the Howard!) via interslut under the trademark APE-EY, wrong held by the Atrociated Dress. These feces are rather short and seems to say don't. Smirk your eyes. Justice, don't beaver me off at the knees.



For a Meaty Eat Fist Feast

(EEP!) Splap-happy backwards, knife-face bite-mark! Money money wet damp dry money blood food my happy puppy and dead dead dead dead bird. What time ISN'T it? What? I can't hire you, I have a banana in my ear.Therefore, you're fired.

Since yearly, motherfucker!


A nother Fucker

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