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by D X Stone

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Millions are Horrified!!!


D X Stone


Everyone in the news media keeps saying that Bush and Co. are unquestionably well-meaning dumbbells who are simply in well over their pointy little heads. Liberals and conservatives alike are in lockstep regarding this question of basic intent; Clinton's been on tv lately criticizing the policies of the neocons, but always with the gentle caveat that they are surely doing their best, and he just has to admire their tenacity and tactics and party discipline and all this other shit... who the hell ever praises Hitler for his political genius or his arguably extremely patriotic fervor? Who gives the Nazis their "props" for such "admirable" military discipline? WHO???

Even a good and noble man like Michael Moore seems to feel this insatiable need to opine that he's sure the president is doing his best, that he's not an evil man, just a misguided, mumbling, bumbling, blithering fool.

Everyone in America seems to want to pretend they possess a level of prescience, of amazing omnipotence when it comes to this question; every authoritative voice, even the dissenting ones, believe they can actually see into the night-dark hearts and souls of our soulless, heartless present leaders, based apparently on their ability to act, for the most part, with some reasonable degree of civility in their public lives­act being the key word here.

Me, I just can't agree. Wish I could, but I can't.

Serial killers. Delusional, maniacal, cannabalistic madmen, the whole lot of 'em.

John Ashcroft is a peurile sexless scowling High Inquisitor. Donald Rumsfeld is a soulless golem. Dick Cheney is the very image of ol' Man Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life", radiating his inner illness and ugliness like a blinding cloak of many unhappy colors... and our 'president' is a nightmare Chucky-doll, crass and ignorant and utterly conscienceless, the perfect evil puppet to end all evil puppets...

I must say, both as a horror writer/artist and lifelong fan, these guys are without question scarier than the most frightening horror movie or work of dark fiction you could possibly name.

The damage already done is simply staggering, not just to our people and environment, but to every basic social concept and construct that makes up any great society.

We have lost whatever credibility we ever had as a nation of level-headed benevolence; we've lost many, many valuable allies in these last 3 1/2 years, squandered an incredible surplus and thrown ourselves into a downward economic spiral we simply cannot afford at this time.

Opportunistic bacteria that our current leaders truly are, they've used the terror of 9/11 to their own best political and economic advantage, systematically wreaking upon an entire civilization a sudden sea change of extraordinary proportions. We the people have not only lost a lot in terms of personal freedoms, but we're also allowing an ongoing campaign of "managed fear" to change the basic character of American thinking, to push it beyond normal human boundaries, to prey upon those insecurities common to all people in order to get us all nice and comfy with the idea of torture as a necessary evil of these uniquely "dangerous" times we find ourselves in... as if reckless stupidity and cowardice in the face of adversity were perfectly legitimate strategies, indeed, grand, enlightened ideals for this New Amurrica...

They are remaking us, don't you see?... like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, only no pods this time... and that's what's got us fooled, we were expecting pods!

I know many of you are thinking, "I've never expected pods,"... but that's beside the point.

The point is that we are in the hands of the enemy, and they are not really as alien as we might like to imagine when we think of Pure Evil. We like to dramatize the big E, to imagine it looking very different than our own frightened faces... but that is Evil's only true face.

And if we continue to stand idly by and allow this rape of our entire culture, it will be not an evil from some distant planet that has come to consume us; it will be our own Evil, our own special blend, grown and nurtured by our own casual national inconscience and thoroughly blood-stained hands... and therefore, sadly, probably just too goddamned precious to us to ever give up completely...

Nope, no alien radiation or mind-control beam from the planet Neptune; no virulent biological nerve agent ala Jacob's Ladder or 28 Days Later; no hideous alien larvae attached to the base of the spine, frenetically humping your r-complex as it whispers sweet nothings into your ear... no ancient Pazuzu talismans or icons, no pods, no Manchurian mind-wash necessary.

Just a bunch of comfort-addicted morons masturbating like drooling demons to the latest gut-churning episode of CSI: Especially Grisly & Close-up Victims Unit.

We are becoming the devils we fear. Very soon, we will be the Chucky-Dolls.

Good citizens, noble and true, sleep well with your sad dreams of perfect safety through utter world domination.

And God bless America.


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