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I approve of this hideous living nightmare!


MORE on this terrifying Dream-Clone story!!!



Does this look like a Bigfoot to you???

Beware! Beware of... Dick Cheney's Mutant Clones!

And this is one of the more successful experiments!

They say a picture is worth a thousand dollars!...and with that happy thought in mind, what would YOU contribute to my Tip Jar simply for viewing THIS lovely pic alone? (and before you throw that perfectly good rotten tomato, remember: You can't get bug-fuck crazy shit like this from sane people!)


A number of Dick Cheney's Hideous Mutant Clones have escaped from custody at an undisclosed location in a secret corner of one of the many mysterious shadow- government installations in deep-underground and hollowed-out mountain lairs being set up across America.

This particular nightmare is a Dream-Clone, part of the new Nexus 9 class recently released by Cybertech Cybernetic Systems, a division of Halliburton© and one of the leading biotech and defense industries in the world.

These dream-clones are rumored to be trained assassins, skilled in murdering their victims in horrible ways, over and over... for the rules are different in the dream world; duct tape is no defense against creatures who can shoot steel spikes out of their eyes sockets and kill using only a balloon animal.

Despite this clear new photographic evidence, however, the White House is already issuing angry, red-faced denials. "We know nothing of these supposed "dream clones," said a grinning, smirking Scotty McClellan between surprisingly loud clucks of his tongue. "The Democrats are once more manufacturing fear where there is none, in order to stalk and slay their enemies in their sleep." And on the damning evidence of the picture itself, McClellan is curt and concise: "You see a clone, I see a bigfoot. It's all in your outlook."

Coming Soon: MORE Incredibly Scary Stories That Will Likely Be Utterly Ignored By The Strangely Self-Defeating Liberal News Media of America!

All Evil Toons, All The Time!

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