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Be afraid.
Be very afraid.

The Horror... The Horror...

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Bush! Cheney! Rumsfeld! Rove! Gonzales! Rice! Shiva the Destroyer! The Shark in Jaws!

What do all these creatures have in common?... why, they are not nearly as kind and nice and well-meaning as they pretend to be... in fact, they're really not very nice people at all.


 Indeed, when one looks at all critically at the things that our high-level leaders have said and done these past two decades or so, at the mountain of well-documented evidence accumulated over these steadily darkening years, it's perfectly reasonable to conclude our leaders are, with few exceptions, all soul-searingly evil, malevolent monsters in human guise.

At the very least, I think we can all agree that they are hopelessly psychotic serial killers and pathological liars of truly mythic proportion... but what if it's worse than that?




I mean, this is some pretty spooky stuff... seriously...


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All Evil Toons, All The Time!

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