President Evil Online Presents:    Guest Artist: Swamp Rat

Back in the early 80's, I think, Dean Koontz wrote a really terrific science-fiction/horror novel entitled Twilight Eyes; in it, the young protagonist was blessed/cursed with the ability to see clearly the demons that live among us; where others saw a rude old man or a really hot bitchy babe walking down the street, this kid saw these things for what they really were, hairy disgusting insectoid wolfish weird CREATURES that were incredibly strong and could run up walls and stuff like that... he'd had an early encounter with one of these, his own stepfather, who he'd had to kill in self-defense... and so he wandered around looking for odd jobs, and whenever he could manage to identify one of these things and get it alone, he'd try to kill it; it just seemed his basic duty, the creatures were truly sadistic demons that would kidnap and torture and rape and murder people, and the kid was doing a public service...


I post a lot on Democratic Underground, where you can find a LOT of talented people doing serious research and writing incredibly intelligent and scholarly articles on the important issues of today... it is interesting to see that others seem to share that same sort of supernatural vision...

SwampRat's work is scary stuff; but I'm guessing he does it for the same reason I do, not so much to scare people to death as to awaken them to a real crisis at their very doorstep...



He deftly captures the true essence behind the pretty faces...


So far he has proven immune to their hypnotic gazes...

Personally, I wish he wouldn't sugar-coat everything quite so much... but that's just me...

No, this is NOT the end (I hope)...

More SwampRat!!!

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