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 Guest Artist: Distressed American - Page 1

 Distressed American is not one of those distressed Americans just sitting about all day gnawing off his own hand or foot to escape, if only by temporary distraction, the grim grey trap that modern America has become for so many of us. He is instead highly motivated and extremely prolific; he takes the distress he feels and focuses it relentlessly against the inhuman monsters that have taken control of Starship Earth and are trying to steer our planet onto a direct collision course with the sun, as any fool can plainly see.
DA is determined to make at least a little diffference every day, and he does; whatever this current misadministration's new mischief, he is there to expose their malevolent shenanigans and lampoon them savagely with scathing irreverence, which is the one form of attack these creatures of darkness have no defense against, given their utter lack of any sense of humor whatsoever.




They don't teach you stuff like this in school... I guess it's just one of those things you have to learn on the street corner, or the internets...

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