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Michael Brown had no experience with emergency management when he accepted the position of FEMA director--a fact that he says has been used unfairly against him. "How does anyone expect me to do this job if I'm not given a chance to learn?" he asked just a few days before he was replaced following the massive death toll in Louisiana. There are still thousands missing and unaccounted for even to the present day... but Mr. Brown is happy for the limited opportunity it provided him to shine, however briefly.

"To level charges of racism at a time like this is just beyond the pale," he insisted in interviews following the unholy devastation visited upon New Orleans. "And to say I don't like darkies--why, that's just absurd! I LIKE black people... who doesn't like a little dark meat on their plate from time to time?"

Despite his sudden replacement, Brown yet has the full and complete confidence of our little water-head baby-boy Pretend President. "Brownie did a fine job, in my opinion; he got right down in there and sunk his teeth into the problem... I wish I could have done the same, but I was on vacation."



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