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In the Night Museum

by D X Stone



In the Night Museum

All alone

I stiffen

As the statue of a gryphon

Comes alive... I freeze and listen

Watch it move

Its grooved and marbled flesh

And fur and feathers glisten

In the moon's illumination

Rising, spreading wings so wide

And throwing shadowed pools

On marbled flooring tiles in deepening tides...

As skylights' latticed shadows stream

Within the dim and silent space

They track in fractured columns, wash

Across thin cracks and seams, thin lines

That flow and intertwine

Like finest Belgian lace

Upon the stern and solemn

Grim expression on its cracked stone face

The eyes flick open, lit inside

With lambent amber flames that see

So deep into the dark and know

The secret names once learned and burned

In timeless age,

Once known but now long-lost

To shadows and to dust

As tempest-tossed, we ride our fallow cradles

To our shallow graves

And live our lives as faithless trusting slaves

Or deaf and muted ghosts...

Who never dare suspect the truth

Just checking out the scenery

That whole entire fire-phoenix thing?

And taking wing?

Forgotten now for most...

For shame!


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